Torrance SenéWriting is escapism for me. Being a Libra, I’m fascinated with partnerships, lust, and romance, and while I adore torturing characters with angst more than is proper, happy endings are something I enjoy immensely. I began writing in junior high at the insistence of my mother, who thought I needed an outlet for summer boredom. While I did so disgruntedly at first, I soon realised that I had a deep fondness for creating stories. However, Mum wasn’t pleased when I grew up to write smut. Once the black sheep, always the black sheep 😉

My influences include Bronwyn Green, Carrie Vaughn, Megan Hart, Kristina Wright, Christina Dodd, and Rachel Kramer Bussell. I’m also inspired by European mythology, folklore, and fairytales. I’ve been published by Cleis Press, HarperCollins UK, Torquere Press, Lit Select, and Sexy Little Pages.

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When not writing, as a true introvert I can usually be found avoiding social interaction by feeding my addictions to tea, British telly, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, books, and Tumblr as well as fiddling around in Photoshop, playing with makeup, watching TED Talks, reading about psychology and philosophy, and baking. I work by day as a professional freelancer and virtual assistant, but I hope to one day fully support myself on my creative writing alone.

I currently live in the southeast United States with the humidity and mosquitos, where I artfully avoid that bright, contemptuous daystar whilst counting the days until autumn. Hiss. It burns us, precious.