10 Best Things in Life

I’m shoulder-deep in a depressive episode so this post is coming at a good time. Focusing on things I love and am grateful for always makes me smile. So, on with it! Here’s a list of my Top 10 Best Things in Life!

1. Pets

I adopted a sweet little kitty in February, and she’s already made my life so much better. She’s a gorgeous black & grey tabby named Parker. Her plump belly and little chirps and purrs make life bearable.

2. Tea

Ah, leaf water—especially of the black variety—is one of the greatest pleasures of life. I have an entire 2 cupboards dedicated to tea and teacups. (BUT I NEED MORE *crazy eyes*) I love tea like some people love their coffee.

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3. Friends

Whilst it’s buckets of sadness that my dearest compadres live states away from me, and I only see them in person every couple of years, life would be hell without speaking to them daily.

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4. Marvel Cinematic Universe

Okay. This may seem a little silly to some, but I’ve made some of the best friends of my life via this fandom. Also, this world—and Marvel in general—have gotten me through some really, really tough times.

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5. Autumn

Pumpkins. Leaves. Crisp air. Halloween. Thanksgiving. Hoodies. Scarves. Hygge time beginning. Autumn is the best season there is. Hands down. I won’t listen to a word of difference on the subject. Good. I’m glad we’ve gotten that squared away.

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6. Traveling

I’ve only traveled around the domestic US so far, but the wanderlust is strong. Some of my favorite visits are Phoenix/Sedona, NYC, and Washington DC. I hope to make the trek across the Atlantic within the next few years. I want to see Ireland, England, Scotland, Greece, Italy, France, and Sweden most of all!

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7. Books

Oh, come on, like this list wouldn’t include this wonderful bundles of dead trees? They’ve been my solace since I was a child. ‘Tis a love that shall never die!

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8. Rainy Days / Storms

These get a lot of hate, but I love the way the world seems to quieten and calm down when the sky is grey. There’s a peaceful lethargy to things. I light candles and sip tea, perhaps reading a book if possible. My whole life I’ve gotten this happy, energetic and yet soothing buzz when it storms. I love it. So much. #introvert

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9. Baking

I’m honestly becoming an introvert cliché at this point. Sorry, not sorry! Baking makes life less stressful and tastes better than alcohol. (Though, give me all the mimosas, please.)

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10. Sleep

Does this really need a caption? If I have to explain why sleep is amazing to you, I’m not certain you’re someone I can be friends with.

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The Perfect Lazy Day

I’m not a very active person, so it’s really not difficult for me to envision my perfect day of bliss. First, I’d need absolutely no alarm or need to get up. No tasks that have to be done, no emails that need replies. Just allowing my body to naturally wake. Though, that’s a little harder these days now that I adopted a cat. Parker wants me up to feed her.

But once I’m up and she’s fed, there is one thing that is completely not an option to be without.

Give me that life-sustaining leaf water pls.

Tea is my one true love. Tea has never let me down. Tea is my best friend. There is absolutely no way this day would occur without tea. Copious amounts, in fact. Next would be breakfast of some sort, possibly French toast or pancakes with bacon. Then we’d move along to the main event: reading.

I barely get to do this these days with long work hours, and I miss it terribly. It’s probably a big reason why I can’t write much (beyond depression/PTSD, that is). I’m not filling the creative well. So, on this auspicious day of bodily slovenliness, I would light a lovely scented candle and curl up on the sofa with tea, el gato, a blanket, and read to my heart’s content.

I would probably watch some Netflix in there as well, let’s be real here. Meals would be cooked for me and delivered by an attractive person on a white horse (Chris Hemsworth, preferably, but I wouldn’t turn away Tom Holland or Cate Blanchett), or just the pizza delivery guy. Yeah, probably just the pizza guy.

This is some straight up porn. NSFW warning, y’all.

To end the day—because we are musing on a perfect day, not necessarily a possible day—I would want to watch the sunset on the beach. Now, what makes this impossible for me is that I’m 5 hours inland from the Gulf of Mexico. One can hardly do the things above and drive to the coast all in one day. But a girl can dream, can’t she?

Perhaps one day, I’ll plan a trip to the coast and spend my lazy day there. Once back inside, I’d have a little… ahem… alone time (cos #foreveralone) then fall blissfully asleep. The end.

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Now I pose the question to you, dear readers, what is your idea of the perfect lazy day? Let me know in the comments below!

10 Things I Should Do, But Don’t

I feel like this list will just be me berating myself, but oh well… Here are 10 things I should do, but don’t.

  1. I don’t ignore the voice inside me telling me I’m an imposter.
  2. I don’t put into practice often enough the techniques my therapist is teaching me.
  3. I don’t glue myself to the chair and “force” myself to write, and I probably should push myself a lil harder.
  4. I should stop checking all e-mail after 5p. (This sours my mood, greatly.)
  5. I don’t say no enough.
  6. I should start cooking meals more often again.
  7. I should carve out more time to support the awesome ladies below rather than letting my schedule eat all my time.
  8. I should stop letting my emotions control me.
  9. I should read more and watch less telly.
  10. I should stop believing I’m not worthy of everything I want.

Here’s one thing I have done that I’m proud of: I’ve limited my social media time. I’m barely on Facebook these days. I may check in 1-2 times a week, but it’s no longer a daily thing. It’s definitely helped my mood.


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Brain Dump: January 2018

So, what’s on my mind? A LOT actually. But what I’m going to dump on you guys today is my decision to continue writing in the Dark & Bright world in 2018.

Some of you might be familiar with these characters as I’ve had two short stories picked up by HarperCollins UK and Torquere Press (republished on my own when they went under). Kayla/Erik were featured in Paranormal Erotica and Kayla/Monica in Turning Tables.

Kayla is a bisexual werewolf torn between the love of her alpha and her attraction for the female vampire elder of the coven she’s ambassador to. Whilst not touched upon in anything published (yet), Kayla’s story also centers on her coming to terms with realising her heart can love more than one person. Amongst other things like traitorous vampires and secrets and more.  (more…)