Monthly Check-In: April 2017

So… how am I doing?

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Pretty much. Writing accomplished in April? Zero. I had a lot going on this month. Work has been busy-busy and then I took a 4-day trip to El Paso to assist Sara Moni at Comic Con …and came back with a cold, as well as a socialising hangover. Woo! My poor introverted soul. It tired.

Here’s to a more productive (in the writing business area) May!

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Musical Musings #2: Emotions

For this month’s musical interlude, we are sharing songs tied to emotions. I hope you enjoy!

Makes Me Hopeful

“The Cave” by Mumford and Sons could be my anthem.
It’s gotten me through some tough times, like most Mumford songs.

Makes Me Happy

“Don’t You (Forget About Me)” by Simple Minds is love. Pure love.

Makes Me Cry

“The Lighthouse’s Tale” by Nickel Creek never fails to elicit tears or a wibbly chin from me.

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10 Things I Avoid

The dark cloud of depression is still eating my brain, so this is going to be short and to the point.

  1. Fandom drama.
  2. Political discourse with people who clearly have no grasp of reality.
  3. Nuts. (I have a crown.)
  4. Beauty magazines.
  5. Clowns, spiders, and heights.
  6. George Clooney’s Batman.
  7. Most phone calls. (Anxiety.)
  8. Wearing jeans at home.
  9. Small talk.
  10. Awkward situations.

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February Check-In

Oh February, you got away from me. Between getting a cold for the first time in ages, relapsing back into a depressive episode after months of reprieve, and having a lot on my freelance plate, I didn’t write ANYTHING for A Firm Touch, and it’s due to the editor on March 27th so I can have a May release. So… that means I have 30k to tackle in March. Oh dear. My own fault. I, at least, got the cover designed this month! I’ll reveal that when I have a blurb to go along with it.

What else is going on… Oh! I’m very close to launching Wolfsparrow Publishing. I hope to have news of that soon! In the meantime, be sure to check out the other bloggers’ check-ins!