My Writing Process


This is my prewriting stage. Here’s where I come up with a premise or plot bunny, brainstorm on it, develop my characters, etc. I’m a Scrivener girl, so I keep all my planning in that program so it’s all in one place and readily available. I also outline in this stage, but I don’t force myself to get the entire book plotted, just enough to get me started and roughly know where I’m going. I’m about 80/20 plotter/pantser.


This stage is a bit self-explanatory. I draft away. (If my mental illnesses are acting up, this is stage I usually get stuck at. Meh, motivation can be hard to muster at times. I need a chip implanted in my brain that will translate thoughts to typing.)

Revising / Editing

During this stage, I send writing to my critique partners and get their thoughts. Then I revise based on the feedback. Next, it goes off to the editor. Whilst at the editor, I use this time (if I haven’t already) to design the book cover, some teasers, etcetera.


After everything is edited and formatted, then the story gets to see the light of day 😀 So there you have it, my writing process. Nothing special really lol.

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Saucy Scribblers

Writing Hopes and Aspirations

Since we’ve entered the second half of 2017, it only makes sense to start to ponder on what’s to come in 2018. I’m really horrible at trying to put aspirations into words. It’s such a daunting notion to me. Rather than huge aspiring dreams (like “make living off writing” because that is a bit overwhelming personally), I’m going to focus on smaller, more manageable and quantitative goals, but no less amazing. Forgive me, my lovely group of writers, if I’m doing this prompt wrong lol.

Publish A Firm Touch

This damn book was originally scheduled for March 2017, but then Cheeto happened and my life also got massively busy trying to handle seven streams of freelance income (sounds way more glamorous than it is) and my mental illness. But now with Autumn about to settle in, I’m feeling stronger against my burnout and ready to tackle this novel so it can be released in early spring 2018. I’ve already begun compiling a marketing plan as well.


I really want to take up the word consistency as my banner for 2018. I’d to get a lot more frequent with blog posts here. I’d like to schedule my social media in advance so there’s always content there as well. I want to read more to keep the well of inspiration bubbling over. Finding myself once again as a writer would be marvelous. Just: I need to get shit done.

Attend An Event

As someone who is usually a borderline hermit, getting to meet Alisha Rai, Tracey Livesay, and Sarah Maclean back in July was awesome. Being around other readers. Being around other authors. Networking. The atmosphere was fantastic! I’d like to go to at least one more—book convention or signing—next year. Bella NOLA is on my radar for February. We’ll see what happens. Would be fab to meet Juliette Cross in person and not just as a name on my Facebook friends list.

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Monthly Check-In: August 2017

So, how are my goals faring?

Image result for failure gif

In my defence, things have been busy: Month-long holiday to NYC, Maryland, Virginia, Outer Banks, and DC with my girlfriend; job interviews and then landing said job; my mother going into the hospital for a few days; loads of freelance work… ya know. Stuff.

I’m taking a trip to Nashville with my friends (and fellow authors) Cora Cade and Amber Addison in October and, since my novel takes place there, I’m hoping that seeing a bit of the city will help get me back on track 🙂 The funk needs a swift kick in the ass so I can fall back in love with my characters.

I’m slowing getting my reading bug back at least, which is fab. Writers can’t write if they don’t read. Gotta refill the well of inspiration and ideas!

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Halfway Through the Year: 2017 Goals Check-in

I feel at this point I’m becoming a broken record. Busy work schedule + mental health = barely writing. However, the mental health issues have begun to ease up. I was able to crank out 4,000 words on a ghostwriting project in mid-June and it felt amazing to finally get out of that slump. But how’s work on my novel coming along?

It’s not…at the moment at least.

Image result for nervous laugh gif

A Firm Touch is due to my editor (the amazing and fabulous Chris Allen-Riley) on August 31, so I’m going to continue pushing through this funk so I can get the novel out sometime in October! Right now, the first seven chapters are with Cora Cade and Leandra Vane for feedback. That means in the next couple of months a cover reveal, giveaway, and more are to come.

Next week, I’m headed out to DC, Maryland, NYC, coastal Virginia, and the Outer Banks for a change of scenery with my girlfriend; here’s hoping that helps dissipate more of this blah. Follow my Instagram for that adventure!


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Monthly Check-In: April 2017

So… how am I doing?

Image result for headdesk gif

Pretty much. Writing accomplished in April? Zero. I had a lot going on this month. Work has been busy-busy and then I took a 4-day trip to El Paso to assist Sara Moni at Comic Con …and came back with a cold, as well as a socialising hangover. Woo! My poor introverted soul. It tired.

Here’s to a more productive (in the writing business area) May!

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Musical Musings #2: Emotions

For this month’s musical interlude, we are sharing songs tied to emotions. I hope you enjoy!

Makes Me Hopeful

“The Cave” by Mumford and Sons could be my anthem.
It’s gotten me through some tough times, like most Mumford songs.

Makes Me Happy

“Don’t You (Forget About Me)” by Simple Minds is love. Pure love.

Makes Me Cry

“The Lighthouse’s Tale” by Nickel Creek never fails to elicit tears or a wibbly chin from me.

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