Turning Tables: An Erotic Short Story

Turning TablesRelease Date: 28 February 2017
Publisher: Wolfsparrow Publishing
Length: 18 pages
Format: eBook
Price: 99¢

BlurbIt’s not easy being the sole werewolf surrounded by a gang of derisive bloodsuckers, yet somehow Kayla Hart manages. Barely. But when a traitor is uncovered in the Lexington coven of Amherst by its lowly werewolf ambassador, Kayla is forced to act outside her diplomatic station, propelled by the forbidden attraction she harbors.

However, summoning the coven leader, Monica Juarez, to inform her of her findings doesn’t quite go as planned. Cynical Monica enjoys playing with her pet wolf far more than Kayla can stand. Antagonistic tension simmers between the women and all unwritten rules about fraternizing with the enemy threatens to be tossed out of the window. Kayla wants to prove she’s a force to be reckoned with, not a mindless pup.

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Please note: This story was originally published on its own and in the anthology Exchange of Power by Torquere Press in 2015. The publisher decided to close suddenly, leaving hundreds of writers without their earned royalties, yet still sell the anthology and continue to make money off us. Since I do not want to drive them business, I’ve republished my story on its own, dropping it from their $2.99 original price to $0.99 as I thought the original price was exorbitant for a 4,000-word story.