February Check-In

Oh February, you got away from me. Between getting a cold for the first time in ages, relapsing back into a depressive episode after months of reprieve, and having a lot on my freelance plate, I didn’t write ANYTHING for A Firm Touch, and it’s due to the editor on March 27th so I can have a May release. So… that means I have 30k to tackle in March. Oh dear. My own fault. I, at least, got the cover designed this month! I’ll reveal that when I have a blurb to go along with it.

What else is going on… Oh! I’m very close to launching Wolfsparrow Publishing. I hope to have news of that soon! In the meantime, be sure to check out the other bloggers’ check-ins!

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  2. February is always such a weird month. I’m so sorry about the bullshit depression and cold. But March will be better! You got this! Also, I’m eager to hear more about Wolfsparrow!

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  4. I so hear you about the depression. It totally sucks donkey balls. Hope everything gets better!

  5. Being sick for the first time in ages is THE WORST! I completely feel you, there. You’ve got this, though! I, too, am eager to hear more about Wolfsparrow…

  6. Depression bites, big time. HUGS I hope March is easier for you and goes smoothly. You can do this–complete faith in you, girl. Also, can’t wait to see/hear more about Wolfsparrow. 🙂

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