Monthly Check-In: August 2017

So, how are my goals faring?

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In my defence, things have been busy: Month-long holiday to NYC, Maryland, Virginia, Outer Banks, and DC with my girlfriend; job interviews and then landing said job; my mother going into the hospital for a few days; loads of freelance work… ya know. Stuff.

I’m taking a trip to Nashville with my friends (and fellow authors) Cora Cade and Amber Addison in October and, since my novel takes place there, I’m hoping that seeing a bit of the city will help get me back on track 🙂 The funk needs a swift kick in the ass so I can fall back in love with my characters.

I’m slowing getting my reading bug back at least, which is fab. Writers can’t write if they don’t read. Gotta refill the well of inspiration and ideas!

Let’s see how Bronwyn and Jess are doing…

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  1. You *have* been busy! And I totally agree – reading is a huge motivator!

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