My Writing Process


This is my prewriting stage. Here’s where I come up with a premise or plot bunny, brainstorm on it, develop my characters, etc. I’m a Scrivener girl, so I keep all my planning in that program so it’s all in one place and readily available. I also outline in this stage, but I don’t force myself to get the entire book plotted, just enough to get me started and roughly know where I’m going. I’m about 80/20 plotter/pantser.


This stage is a bit self-explanatory. I draft away. (If my mental illnesses are acting up, this is stage I usually get stuck at. Meh, motivation can be hard to muster at times. I need a chip implanted in my brain that will translate thoughts to typing.)

Revising / Editing

During this stage, I send writing to my critique partners and get their thoughts. Then I revise based on the feedback. Next, it goes off to the editor. Whilst at the editor, I use this time (if I haven’t already) to design the book cover, some teasers, etcetera.


After everything is edited and formatted, then the story gets to see the light of day 😀 So there you have it, my writing process. Nothing special really lol.

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4 Replies to “My Writing Process”

  1. Dear god…you are SO much more organized than I can ever dream of being. <3

    1. I kinda have a problem lol. Sometimes I get so stuck in organising and having it perfect, that I procrastinate on the drafting stage. Oops.

  2. I actually envy your organization. Seriously… you have it nailed. Must be that 80% 🙂

    1. Type A can also be a curse lol. So don’t be too envious 😉 You’re actually finishing your work whereas I’m stuck in perfectionism D:

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