The Perfect Lazy Day

I’m not a very active person, so it’s really not difficult for me to envision my perfect day of bliss. First, I’d need absolutely no alarm or need to get up. No tasks that have to be done, no emails that need replies. Just allowing my body to naturally wake. Though, that’s a little harder these days now that I adopted a cat. Parker wants me up to feed her.

But once I’m up and she’s fed, there is one thing that is completely not an option to be without.

Give me that life-sustaining leaf water pls.

Tea is my one true love. Tea has never let me down. Tea is my best friend. There is absolutely no way this day would occur without tea. Copious amounts, in fact. Next would be breakfast of some sort, possibly French toast or pancakes with bacon. Then we’d move along to the main event: reading.

I barely get to do this these days with long work hours, and I miss it terribly. It’s probably a big reason why I can’t write much (beyond depression/PTSD, that is). I’m not filling the creative well. So, on this auspicious day of bodily slovenliness, I would light a lovely scented candle and curl up on the sofa with tea, el gato, a blanket, and read to my heart’s content.

I would probably watch some Netflix in there as well, let’s be real here. Meals would be cooked for me and delivered by an attractive person on a white horse (Chris Hemsworth, preferably, but I wouldn’t turn away Tom Holland or Cate Blanchett), or just the pizza delivery guy. Yeah, probably just the pizza guy.

This is some straight up porn. NSFW warning, y’all.

To end the day—because we are musing on a perfect day, not necessarily a possible day—I would want to watch the sunset on the beach. Now, what makes this impossible for me is that I’m 5 hours inland from the Gulf of Mexico. One can hardly do the things above and drive to the coast all in one day. But a girl can dream, can’t she?

Perhaps one day, I’ll plan a trip to the coast and spend my lazy day there. Once back inside, I’d have a little… ahem… alone time (cos #foreveralone) then fall blissfully asleep. The end.

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Now I pose the question to you, dear readers, what is your idea of the perfect lazy day? Let me know in the comments below!

6 Replies to “The Perfect Lazy Day”

  1. Love all the things! Especially the sunset at the beach. I remember some movie… a Detective one, I think… where the cop goes up to the people staring at the ocean and is all… what happened? Did someone die? And they’re all… we’re watching the sun set. So yeah, get it.

  2. Forevermore, when I’m feeling lazy, I’m going to call it: “bodily slovenliness”. That is perfection. And so is your auspicious day of bodily slovenliness.

  3. Tea!!! I love tea. It’s the perfect drink. That’s another thing I need to add to my perfect day, if it isn’t already there. A big pot of tea. My favorite right now is called Figaro’s Passion (fig and lavender). It’s so good.

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  5. Thanks for a lovely read before I start my day!

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