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Praise and Reviews

For Sacred and Profane: Priest Erotic Romance

  • “As someone who takes pleasure in reading these types of stories, trust when I say this is one of the few collections that I would put my seal of approval behind.” — OMG Reads
  • “The characters in these stories were all intriguing with their individual crosses brought to bear on the altar of erotic pleasure. Sexy priests, fiercely sexual fantasies…this anthology is definitely worth the read…and a full five stars!” — Clara Young

For “Turning Tables” (featured in Exchange of Power)

  • “The calculatingly delicious sexy leverage between an apparent underling werewolf go-between and a powerful vampire coven leader is super satisfyingly delectable. Exactly as the title states, eventually someone else manages to take the upper hand. How this fantastic shift comes to be is highly enjoyable. Magnificent!” — Rainbow Book Reviews

For “Adagio” (featured in Best Erotic Romance 2013)

  • “Readers of romance won’t find their familiar genre conventions in these 17 stories, which fall much more on the romantic erotica end of the spectrum. A violinist plays his lover like an instrument in Torrance Sené’s “Adagio’…” — Publisher’s Weekly
  • “I don’t think I will look at classical music and violin players in quite the same way, and I do mean that in a positive way. Then again, the connection between classical music and sensuality has always been there. Let’s just say Ben knows just when and how to bring out the harmonious notes out of his lover. Their lovemaking is truly a musical masterpiece.” — The Itinerant Librarian