Things Are Afoot!

I know I’ve been quiet as hell, but there’s lots going on!

This summer I plan on releasing a m/m bisexual short story called Trigger, and I’m also hard at work on a submission to Lit Select’s next erotic anthology, Love Slave: Score, along with a few others for submission calls elsewhere. There’s a few informative writerly blog posts swirling around in my grey matter, waiting to be written, and the biggest news of all is that I’m working on my longest novella yet! (Yes, I’ve mentioned it already but I’m doing it again.)

A Firm Touch (Working title… or final title. Dunno! Don’t ask me this shit right now. Game of Thrones is about to air and I’m antsy as hell!) will be the first in my Southern Doms series. I’m aiming for a late autumn release. Since this is my longest piece yet, I want to be sure I have enough time to properly devote to it before setting a date. Updates will follow as I have them. Be sure to sign up to my newsletter for those! I’d like to do a giveaway or two this summer as well.

In the meantime—while I edit and revise some older short stories to give out as freebies—why not head on over to Mira Stanley’s website and check out the stunning cover of her debut release, Good Girl: A Dirty Minds Romance! Mira is my critique partner and holy shitballs, y’all, her novella is FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC. I’ll plug it again once it’s preorderable. (That’s totally a word, shut up.)

Reading List Update

I failed for my goal in April, managing only to read two on that list. I’ve been in a mood lately where whatever I picked out isn’t matching my mood, so I reach for something else. As such I’m not making any more pre-planned lists. However, I did get read four books in total last month. By far the best was Raphael Montes’s Perfect Days. Oh, what a fucking unputdownable (It’s  Pull-Words-From-Your-Ass Day) train wreck that was. I highly recommend it if you enjoy thrillers.

I’m off to ogle Jon Snow now! Bye!

2 Replies to “Things Are Afoot!”

  1. Awww. Thanks for the shout out, lovely critique partner of mine. You’re the best. I’m so honored to have such a crass endorsement. “FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC” is totally an adjective Joe would use.

    I like your working title, A Firm Touch. I like to novella so far too! In fact, that’s an understatement. You have left me hanging right before the smexy times! Are you trying to kill me?!

    1. You are most welcome! Me and Joe is tight <3 To the rest, ehehehehehehhehehehehehehehe. Maybe 😉 Glad you like the working title because I've used it so long I'm not sure I could switch to anything else D: Smexy times, soon. I promise!

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