Top 10 Things I’m Proud Of

10 Things I'm Proud OfSociety has shaped me, like most women, to feel awkward about tooting my own horn, so I’m going to make this quick. Like taking off a band-aid.

– My self-taught design skills
– Having the courage to get put on depression & anxiety meds
– My work ethic and organisation
– Being openly bisexual
– Writing despite the chosen genre disappointing my parents (omgsex)
– Leaving relationships I found toxic
– My ambition and tenacity
– Supporting myself as a freelancer
– Learning to take more chances
– Not giving up

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9 Replies to “Top 10 Things I’m Proud Of”

  1. This is an absolutely awesome list! You should be damn proud of yourself!

  2. I’m with Bron. Great list. Go you!

  3. Great list! You SHOULD be proud of yourself – there are some toughies on there! Good on you for ripping off the band-aid, friend! 🙂

  4. You deserve to be proud of these amazing accomplishments. Always remember, it is okay to toot your own horn! Especially when you have something to toot about! Good job. Thank you.

    1. *toot toot* lol Thanks, Pansy!

  5. Awesome list! And I’m right with you about the meds. I fought going on them for so long. Now I can’t imagine not taking them. Yay for us.

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