Writing Hopes and Aspirations

Since we’ve entered the second half of 2017, it only makes sense to start to ponder on what’s to come in 2018. I’m really horrible at trying to put aspirations into words. It’s such a daunting notion to me. Rather than huge aspiring dreams (like “make living off writing” because that is a bit overwhelming personally), I’m going to focus on smaller, more manageable and quantitative goals, but no less amazing. Forgive me, my lovely group of writers, if I’m doing this prompt wrong lol.

Publish A Firm Touch

This damn book was originally scheduled for March 2017, but then Cheeto happened and my life also got massively busy trying to handle seven streams of freelance income (sounds way more glamorous than it is) and my mental illness. But now with Autumn about to settle in, I’m feeling stronger against my burnout and ready to tackle this novel so it can be released in early spring 2018. I’ve already begun compiling a marketing plan as well.


I really want to take up the word consistency as my banner for 2018. I’d to get a lot more frequent with blog posts here. I’d like to schedule my social media in advance so there’s always content there as well. I want to read more to keep the well of inspiration bubbling over. Finding myself once again as a writer would be marvelous. Just: I need to get shit done.

Attend An Event

As someone who is usually a borderline hermit, getting to meet Alisha Rai, Tracey Livesay, and Sarah Maclean back in July was awesome. Being around other readers. Being around other authors. Networking. The atmosphere was fantastic! I’d like to go to at least one more—book convention or signing—next year. Bella NOLA is on my radar for February. We’ll see what happens. Would be fab to meet Juliette Cross in person and not just as a name on my Facebook friends list.

Curious what the other ladies are wishing and hoping for? Check out their blogs as well!

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  2. I firmly believe there’s nothing more inspiring than hanging out with other writers. I hope that you get to do more of that. 🙂

  3. You did it all right and those are awesome goals. Fingers crossed. I know you can do it.

  4. These are very valid goals, and I may steal the social media one.

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